Shirt finisher - Single buck shirt press - Mod. Angel 2.0 Even unskilled operators can use this machine, thanks to the simple and intuitive controls, thereby reducing labour costs, while the outstanding constructive features and the high quality finish avoid any final shirt touch-ups: energy consumption is widely reduced and the finishing quality is always incomparably high standard.

The powerful hot air flow and the two steam heated finishing bucks with Teflon allow excellent shirt finishing in less than 30 seconds. This single buck shirt press is also equipped with a "touch screen" PLC, allowing a total control of the machine, in any of its operations.

The shirt finisher is equipped with Height-adjustable, pneumatic device for sleeve tensioning with two Teflon coated sleeve placket presses for a perfect sleeve finishing.

Available options:

  • SMALL dummy (as alternative to standard dummy)
  • Short-sleeve clamping device
  • Water spray gun with support and condensate tank
  • Mirror
SKU: M4100
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