DB 360

DB 360, the new rotary double-buck shirt press. The DB360 is Pony double-body rotary shirt press, conceived and designed to obtain maximum productivity, with incomparable finishing quality and no increase in costs.


  • Compact rotary structure, with rotary system and both start and braking system electronically controlled with energy recovery.
  • Vacuum group, integrated in the rotating part.
  • New steam circuit integrated in the machine to reduce heat dispersions and condensations.
  • Integrated shoulder-press in action during rotation.
  • Three pressing cycles: short , long, special with the exclusion of the rear buck
  • Integrated Safety devices in the lateral protection bars limiting the work area, with sound and light signal when machine in action. 
  • Height adjustment and ergonomic work station.
  • New full-color touch PLC, simple and intuitive, managing cycles, diagnostics, emergency and pre-set maintenance. 
  • Energy Saving pneumatic system.
  • Compact size to ease transportation and installation.
  • Adaptable structure for transit through standard doors (90 cm).
SKU: M3710
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