Special care is required in processing shirts, because this kind of service is very important for increasing work volumes and customer retention.

A proper installation would be with a specific shirt finisher and a classic  collar&cuff press mod. CCP. With one operator only, after very little practicing, you could be able to process over 40 pcs/hour according to the kind of fabric and the level of residual moisture, by using a shirt finisher with blowing system, or up to 50/55 pcs/hour by using a shirt-press. 

There are several model of collar and cuff presses in the PONY range :  SMART, vertical collar and cuff press able to finissh up to 80 shirts/hr; DOUBLEcollar and cuff press for 2 shirts at a time able to finish up to 180 shirts/hr ; finally the QUAD model , for the finsihing of 4 shirts at a time with a production up to 240 shirts/hr.

The use of a "collar&cuff” press in a first phase of a shirt process, not only allows to press rapidly the collar and the cuffs, but also to process parts of a shirt (such as pockets) that are very hard to dry on a “blow” shirt finisher because of their double layer of fabrics. The problem wouldn’t present itself if you used a shirt-press. It’s also very useful to process the tail and the hem of shirts on the collar&cuff press, in order to ease the dressing and positioning phases of the shirt on the dummy. This process doesn’t imply longer time, since it is usually done when processing the collar and cuffs, by simply putting the tail on the larger buck of the press, that is to say under the collar, while the two front corners are put under the cuffs.

The use of this COLLAR AND CUFF press is extremely easy. Activate the vacuum and place the shirt parts as described above. Then let the head close by pressing two buttons or a pedal (according to the chosen version). Drying time is adjustable according to the kind of fabrics and to the level of residual moisture. The head opens automatically after the time set, then the operator can move from the press and go processing the shirt on the shirt finisher. These two machines need to be placed in such positions that the movements of the operator (who will then alternate between press and shirt finisher) are reduced to the essential, thereby bringing downtime to “zero”.
The collar&cuff press can be equipped with built-in boiler, thus being equipped for also supplying steam to a shirt finisher.

Air operated press for the finish of collars and cuffs of any type of shirts.

It includes :
- Built-in vacuum to allow fast and efficient setting of the shirt and the drying of the fabric
- Two timers programming the closing and vacuum times
- Special padding on the bucks to prevent damage to buttons and removing the problem of pressure marks .
- NICKEL PLATED, STEAM heated polished head
- Two buttons operation for closing the head; safety guard and emergency stop button.

Available either for connection to central steam supply or with built-in boiler.


PONY’s range of shirt finishers offers various versions, suitable also for the hybrid processing of both shirts and coats in general.