We continue working for sustainability!

By the end of August 2021 our new 300 kW photovoltaic system has already avoided a total of 167,778 kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent to more than 5,000 trees planted.

All our machines are and will be produced with clean energy!

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PONY against women violence

PONY cares about the needs of the world society.

COVID virus has had a negative effect also to families that were already in difficulty, in Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

For this reason, this year PONY has decided to focus its traditional support on the project "Women Victims of Violence" carried on by Somaschi Foundation, which for over 500 years has offered...

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Come visit us at HOST Milan 2021

Hall 3 - Stand P57

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At PONY we work for sustainability!

Thanks to our new 300 kW photovoltaic system, in less than a year we have avoided the emission of 100,000 kg of CO2 equivalent to more than 3,000 trees planted.

We are proud to declare that all our machines are and will be produced with clean energy!

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At PONY we do not stop investments, but we continue working for the future!

We maintain our conviction that only with investment and continuous improvement will we succeed in fulfilling our promise of quality and reliability to those who place their trust in our products.

Since August 6, the day our new photovoltaic system started operating, we have been able to avoid the emissions of 34,450 kg of CO2, equivalent to planting more than 1,000 trees! This energy...

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Technological innovations in PONY production premises

Pony just finished to install 2 vertical warehouses in its premises, 7 mt. high, which will stock materials, earlier stocked in 500 horizontal sq.mts.
The main benefit of a vertical warehouse is to optimise space: you save from 80 to 90 % of floor surface, and you save on volume, because a traditional warehouse must have aisles and does not exploit the hangar’s height, especially when the...

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Work stations and social distancing

During Phase 2 and 3 of the sanitary emergency, laundries will need to assure the correct distance between the operators in order to guarantee their safety.

To this regard , PONY has been developing for many years now, real “work isles” where operators can work autonomously while keeping the safety distance. Work has been rationalised to assure maximum well-being...

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New photovoltaic system for energy saving

PONY has always paid great attention to the environment, ecology, and energy saving.

The photovoltaic system, installed on the roof of our production plant which will produce about 300,000 kWh / year, is about to be completed, an important step that will guarantee almost total energy autonomy (about 90% of consumption) and, certainly the most important figure, a decrease in CO2...

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On December 11th we awarded Michael J Michael of Renzacci UK , the recognition he has very much deserved, as Master Trainer for PONY machines.

Michael, in his 15 years of career at Renzacci UK, has been responsible for training hundreds of wet cleaners, dry cleaners and launderers in the art of obtaining the most impeccable pressing and finishing services for their...

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This year PONY chose to support the project “ Asure-Health Ethiopia” of Amref, and built one health center with the objective of teaching the population family planning and sexual education. Since 1957, Amref, with the donors and the local communities contribution has been provided clean water, schools and medical cares for thousands of African women, men and children.
We wish you a...

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