Our History


Fratelli Fumagalli

With the brand name "Fratelli Fumagalli" the first factory is born. It produces small steam generators with irons.


Dry Cleaning Shops

With the rapid diffusion of steam generators, PONY opens the doors of small dry cleaning shops to modernity.


First Logo

The first real company logo is created.

Steam Generators

The brilliant idea of integrating a steam generator into an ironing table gives the business an industry-like imprint.


Senior Steam Iron

The Senior steam iron, completely manufactured and engineered in its factory, seduces the market.



The vacuum and up-steaming table is the first big hit of PONY. Even today "Vaporetta" identifies the machine that revolutionized finishing.


New Range

The range expands with the rectangular vacuum and up-steaming tables and the new spotting tables.


Automatic Machines

The project of an automatic machine for the finish of jackets and coats materializes and opens new market perspectives.


Finishers for Coats and Trousers

Finishers for coats and trousers are the PONY answer to the new requirements of the fast growing garment industry in Italy and abroad.


New Logo

Even the logo adapts to the new phase.

Industrialized Finish

In the 70’s, PONY exports the "industrialized finish" concept to the main European countries.


First Presses

PONY introduces presses in its range, strengthening the brand on the international markets and giving new impulse to the company.


Headquarter & Showroom

New headquarters offices are opened in Villa Fornaci and a real first showroom is set up.The sales network extends abroad.


New Logo

A new "modern" logo represents the solid presence of the Pony brand on the markets world-wide.


Idea '80

Pony launches "Idea '80": a compact size, ergonomic working station, reducing operator’s movements and optimizing production processes.


International Trade Shows

PONY grows and strengthen its presence in Europe exhibiting in many international trade shows.


New Inzago Headquarter

PONY launches the new Inzago headquarters and the entire production process moves in the new factory.



Pony is the first company introducing a cabin able to work both open or closed. Ideabox generates an outstanding finish because it’s the only cabin where steam is inflated from bottom for jackets and coats and, from top, for trousers.


RECORD Ironing Table

Pony promotes the new "blowing technique" through its new vacuum, blowing and up-steaming table RECORD.


Cold Finish

Pony embraces the "cold finish" technique introducing TAS, the vacuum and blowing table , the first to be height adjustable.


Eco-friendly Spotting

Spotting becomes eco-friendly, with the spotting cabin equipped with a suction cap and activated carbon filters.


Ironing Presses

The presses range is enlarged with the first hot plates for the industrial laundry.


Energy Saving

Energy saving becomes a priority. SILVER-SV the new vacuum, blowing and up-steaming table meets energy requirements and assures brilliant performances.


Pony Universal Finisher

In the mid 90’s Pony presents the first automatic universal finisher (MG-396).It is only the start-off of a market sector with a great potential ahead.



Pony registers its domain and it is the first Italian company in the industry to have an on-line web site.


Former mod. 398

Pony creates 398, the first former specifically designed for the shirt finish, engineered to generate a high productivity.


Sicurezza e Affidabilità

Con il controllo di livello elettronico applicato alle caldaie aumenta la sicurezza e l'affidabilità delle macchine autonome e dei generatori di vapore elettrici.


Angelo Fumagalli

Angelo Fumagalli becomes the sole owner of the company and with the support of his family integrated in the management, passionately dedicates to grow and expand PONY.


"LAV" Press Series

The first step is the development of the press line with the introduction of the new and competitive model "LAV", specifically engineered for laundry plants. LAV allows PONY to enter the HO.RE.CA. market.


Shirt Finishers

Pony invests increasing resources in the engineering of more performing shirt-finishers .405 Model is the result of this research.


Finishers Range

At the same time, the evolution of universal finishers goes on with the 403 and 404 models.


Shirt Service

In addition to a restyling and extension of the tables’ line, Pony completes the "shirt service" equipment with a shirt folder machine.


50 Years

PONY celebrates its first 50 years of business. Unfortunately a few days later, its President and owner Angelo Fumagalli passes away.


Logo Restyling

It’s time for a total image restyling which starts from the logo.


At Expo Detergo Pony launches a new re-designed brand image and a new interactive web site.


The single buck shirt press unit "ANGEL" is also introduced during the exhibition.



With the ultimate goal of reducing labor costs, PONY redesigns Pantamaster, already a hit in the 70’s.

Frankfurt Texcare

Introducing at the Texcare exhibition in Frankfurt, a revolutionary press for the simultaneous pressing of the four pleats of the trouser.


New Pay off

The pictogram and the pay off are placed side by side to the historical logo to strengthen the company values and increase brand awareness. Through its institutional pay off, Pony underlines the company competitiveness in the constant strive for excellence.


With the support of its direct partner PONY-USA, Pony exports its experience and technology to the USA introducing at the Clean Show, its cutting-edge shirt finisher machine EAGLE. A new web site www.pony-usa.com is also launched.


Eagle, the most advanced system for the blowing finish of shirts.



SENIOR-TT is the new PONY iron with a "Triple Touch" patented system featuring a micro-switch with three different positions.

EAGLE "Total electric"

The other big novelty of the year is the "Total electric" version of the shirt finisher Eagle which, combined with the electric collar and cuff, fully completes the shirt service in a laundry business.


TWINS, the first double buck shirt press

The evolution of the PONY range continues with TWINS, the new double-buck shirt press unit. Twins condensates all successful engineering innovations of PONY shirt finishers and it can finish up to 120 shirts/hour with reduced energy consumptions.


ANGEL 2.0-evolution

Pony showcases at Texcare in Frankfurt the evolution of the single buck shirt press, ANGEL 2.0, that resembles the most cutting-edge technology and experience in shirt finishers.


Clean in Las Vegas and DB360

At the Clean in Vegas Pony discloses DB 360, the evolution of Twins, new rotary double -buck shirt press unit. As for the other top of the range PONY equipment, DB360 offers the most advanced technologies, perfected by years of experience and a constant analysis of the dry cleaning industry.


Expodetergo and Kite

PONY unveils at Expodetergo the new blowing shirt finisher KITE that, even if resembling the best technologies applied to shirt finishers, it is a simpler unit with a super competitive price.