Pony was founded in 1958 by the Fumagalli brothers. Thanks to their far-sightedness, initiative and constant commitment they made their dream come true and started a business that became stronger and stronger. At that time Pony produced only small steam generators and ironing boards.

The work of its founders, who made PONY grow and become an international market leading company, thanks to their intuitions, their innovative spirit and their outstanding managing skills, is now carried forward with the same commitment and dedication by their children, who took the lead, and by a devoted team of qualified personnel.

This company, one of the first to offer the blowing technique on ironing boards, and to start the production of shirt finishers during the 90’s, nowadays offers a wide and complete range of products meeting all kinds of requirements in the different industries: laundries, dry-cleaning, textile manufacturing, and tourist facilities.

We currently have our own plant in Inzago, with an area of over 15,000 square meters, 10,000 of which are covered and equipped with all thecnologies, facilities and tools needed for the whole production process.

Our technical engineering department - 10 people always committed to the search for innovative solutions – guarantees constant technological evolution of our equipments. Research and development of our products are their main tasks, according to the tradition handed down by our founders.

After being designed, our machines are processed and assembled by our internal Metalworking Fabrication, Painting, and Assembly Departments, until their final testing stage in our Quality Control Department, and then delivered.