Most of the family-service businesses are located inside housing buildings. Laundries are therefore bound by workplace health and hygiene laws as well as by residential regulations. Steam generators are the ideal solution if you want to have safe and clean energy.
PONY were among the first companies to ever realize how practical and convenient it could be to build boilers in ironing equipment. This system is in fact ideal for self-contained work stations consisting either of one or two ironing tables, or of a form finisher/cabinet plus a complementing ironing table.

Parallel to this, PONY developed a wide range of steam generators for external feeding

In our range you can find small steam generators with electronic water level control with various powers, suitable for feeding one or more irons, or for “all steam” irons (steam heated).

For more complex installations, the Goliath series offers mixable solutions: the production of steam varies according to the installed power (kW). This way you can adapt your wiring system accordingly, thereby reducing electric consumption. The smallest model has a power of 10 kW, thus producing around 13 kg/h of steam.

With the bigger model we can have a production of around 90 kg/h, using two 33-kW heating elements (double that power on the COMBI version, consisting of two steam generators, one assembled above the other and working in parallel). Consumptions can be even further reduced by using a feeding tank for the condensate return, feeding the boiler with pre-heated water.

Our small BABY steam generator grants semi-professional quality with an autonomy of 4/5 hours with the 3-lt boiler. For home usage we suggest the 1.8-lt boiler with an autonomy of around 2/3 hours. Some versions can be equipped with steam brush or steam gun, for the use in upholstery and such.

In addition to steam generatorsfor the market of ironing and finishing, PONY developed a range of machines suitable for other usage, such as cleaning and sanitization. These steam generators are particularly recommended for the wine-, food-producing businesses and any other business where steam is used for removing impurities.

With respect to the tradition of PONY, all steam generators are built-in in compliance with CE regulations, and with high-quality materials.