Initially welcome with skepticism, “WET CLEANING” has successfully carved out its piece of market during the last few years, thus becoming an effective complement to dry-cleaning or, as it often happens, as alternative solution and innovation. It offers indeed the advantage of a deeper cleaning, giving back garments their original smoothness and freshness, and it’s now well considered for being environment-friendly. Machines and chemical products for WET CLEANING have evolved, especially recently, making it possible to treat any kind of garments, even those manufactured with delicate fabrics like silk or wool. This helped this system spread. Undoubtedly finishing garments finishing garments washed in water require a different approach, since they need to be “revitalized” with a stretching action that has to be delicate and strong at the same time.

PONY created equipments specifically designed to obtain, in short time and with the highest quality, the best results in finishing both coats and trousers treated with Wet Cleaning. Our range also features solutions created according to work volumes and kind of garments, such as:

Air-operated form finisher with vertical and lateral stretching, suitable for all coats. It grants a high finishing quality thanks to its special garment stretching function, its over-heated steam (quantity, duration and temperature of the injected steam are adjustable) and its powerful 65°C-hot air-flow (also adjustable) for a quick and complete drying of the garments. Automatic positioning of the dummy is accomplished using a photocell that reads the length of the garment. This form finisher is available in its version with fixed dummy and in its state-of-the-art “FORMPLUS-S” version with pivoting dummy and rear/side-vent clamps. Cycles are either operated through a PLC control-box or in semi-automatic/manual mode. It can be equipped with a steam iron for final touch-up. This form finisher needs connection to external steam supply.

Alternatively, you can choose a cheaper version which however can meet the requests of a business in its initial stage with a modest work volume:

MG with WET dummy -thanks to the special dummy with no bag, the coat is stretched, steam and hot air (generated by a powerful fan) flow directly through it. It has a pivoting dummy and adjustable shoulder size with special sleeve-tensioning clamps. Operations are controlled through a 10-programme microprocessor. This form finisher too can be equipped with steam iron assembly for touch-ups and is produced either with built-in boiler or ready for connection to external steam supply.

If you want to offer a shirt service, in addition to the wet-cleaning system, then it’s a different story. In that case PONY offer, as an ideal solution, a hybrid form finisher for the combined finish of shirts, lab-coats, and coats in general:

Thanks to the Silver MAXI board this is the perfect choice for ironing trousers: the waist is put on the larger side and the whole leg on the wide surface of the board; the creases can be fixed without moving the garment, thus reducing the finishing time.
Its blowing function allows to iron the waist very quickly and flawlessly on an air cushion, leaving no polish marks on the pockets and the seams, even on dark fabrics.
With the “blow” technique the operator can touch-up jackets, coats, etc. without compromising the quality of the linings.
This ironing table is produced either with built-in boiler or ready for connection to external steam supply. Just like all PONY ironing tables, it can be equipped with extras for ironing sleeves and/or for spotting.

When high volumes call, in order to increase the processing of trousers, you can use a trouser topper for giving a first quick pressing of the waistband and for setting the pleats, before finishing them on the ironing board:

Trousers topper with pneumatic stretching of the waistband and leg-tensioning trolley. Suitable for processing all kinds of trousers, from classic to casual ones. Upon request it is available with a photocell that reads the length of the trousers for automatic closing of the leg-clamps and subsequent start of the operational cycle. It’s also available with a trolley with special clamps for automatic internal/external leg-clamping (in case of delicate fabrics such as velvet).

PONY also produces a range of electric steam generators suitable for supplying other ironing machines (such as the above mentioned), with various powers to generate from 13 to 180 kg/h of steam, without needing boiler room or any authorized personnel.

Generators of the  GOLIATH series are built in compliance with PED regulations, with high-grade materials in order to grant long life and reliability. The feeding tank allows to pre-heat water thus saving energy.

Despite all the advanced cleaning techniques, for a complete modern laundry, you can’t lack for spotting equipment such as KAPPA 1, designed for Pre- and Post-spotting. Compact and functional. Within a small space it holds the pre-spotting cabinet and the final spotting equipment. The working surface is well lighted and easy to clean. Its active-carbon filters are easy to replace. It’s built with high-grade stainless steel and in compliance with all standards on safety and protection of the environment. We believe that PONY reserved to operators a range of highly professional finishing equipment, for all requirements, with small investments, for small and large businesses.