The keyword here is SAVING.
Saving money, saving time, saving energy, saving efforts.
Directing your resources to this aim is definitely a priority, especially in “lean times” like these which all sorts of markets are going through. The first step in this direction is AUTOMATION for all processes, in this case ironing.
The implementation of a strategic conversion by choosing equipment that allow you to automate your job is possible even for medium and small-sized businesses, which in our field still represent the most part of productive units, with small investments and unexpected results.
For instance, a huge part of coats and pants can be effectively processed with automatic form finishers/toppers. The task of these machines is to give a quick first processing of coats/jackets and pants.
These machines can be used even by non-skilled personnel after a brief practicing. This way you can leave the final touch-up operation to a professional ironer who will quickly give the garments an excellent finish.

In the case of a rapid service, some coats could be considered finished after a more accurate process on the form finisher. For pants, in this case you will have to go on a finishing press or on a traditional ironing board for finishing them and fixing the creases.

PONY offer a wide range of machines, from the traditional MG to the most innovative ones. PONY form finishers can be equipped with special dummies, which grant a high finishing quality of the linings and sleeve-stretching devices.

The FORMPLUS tensioning form finisher is equipped with photocells for automatic positioning of the dummy. On PONY form finishers programmes are handled through an electronic-card box with savable programmes, for 100%-automatic processing. They can be equipped with a special iron designed for vertical usage, for on-scene touch-ups.

The MG e Formplus ranges are suitable for finishing leather garments as well.

As alternatives to form finishers and toppers, PONY offer COSMOS the rotary cabinet that had such great success in the 80’s and that is currently regaining consideration, because it allows a good finish of coats and pants, keeping your work place a lot healthier than it would be by using the two finishers. Thanks to being a “closed” machine indeed, it allows you to discharge warm air and steam (which would otherwise disperse inside the room, increasing its temperature and humidity) outside.

FORMPLUS, thanks to its vertical stretching function and its adjustable hot-air flow, is particularly suitable for finishing wet-cleaning processed garments. The Cosmos rotary cabinet is also often used in Wet-cleaning process.