In a hotel facility, offering quality services is the key factor to get customers’ satisfaction . It is essential to offer guests a professional and fast laundry service.
PONY SPA , leading producer of industrial finishing equipment since the early 60’s , is committed to satisfy the requirements of a constantly evolving market , like the one of tourist facilities, with a complete range of versatile machines with good performances , competitive prices and simple use .

Small structures who want to have an internal laundry service , can be equipped with basic machines, a simple universal table , like Model FVC ( basic machine , with electrically heated and vacuum table) or Model Genus or Silver ( very evoluted vacuum , blowing and steaming tables ). These tables are also available with large Maxi bucks , which ease and speed the finishing of trousers ( considered “difficult “garments ) , thanks to the possibility of posing the leg on the buck fixing the two pleats with fluid movements without having to move the garment more times.

For a more complete and efficient working station , the finishing table can be paired with a pneumatic form finisher , specific for finishing outerwear .Pony offers a wide choice of equipment able to finish shirts , jackets , uniforms and all kinds of outerwear , rapidly and with excellent results. All these machines are very easy to use and do not require specialized operators.
The finishing section can be self sufficient , that is with a self contained steam generator with electronic control , able to feed the pair of machines , thus minimizing energy consumption . If there is an existing central steam installation , all machines can be connected to it.

Big hotels with well structured laundries can definitely introduce other models of PONY machines, more suitable for industrial use, like presses , shirt finishers able to dry and finish a shirt in one minute , and pants toppers.

For the linen department , presses with polished nickel plated head with different buck shapes are suitable to finish white coats and uniforms, or simple bed and table linen on a rectangular press.

Many other solutions are available in the PONY range , for the general finish of garments , for the spotting , with a complete line of steam electric generators , manufactured with first quality materials .

The brand PONY means guarantee of a high quality standard with an excellent and careful customer care.

With PONY machines, your laundry service will be able to satisfy the most demanding customer.