PONY’s commitment doesn’t stop only to its stakeholders, but it is also oriented to the needs of the world society.

For several years, PONY has supported the interventions of Amref Health Africa, the most important health organization that works in Sub-Saharan Africa and we do it by the direct involvement of our employees!
Indeed, every year one of our employees visits the ongoing project together with AMREF.

> in 2016 we financed the construction of a well, which allowed the entire community of the village Zombe, in Kitui (Kenya) to use clean and safe water;

> in 2017 with the project "Malnutrition in Kenya" we donated high protein foods to help malnourished children, also ensuring emergency nutritional assistance;

> in 2018, via the "School Project", we supported the construction of a classroom in the Povuny Primary School, in the sub county of Magarini (Kitui County - Southern Kenya);

> And this year – with ASURE project – AMREF has identified and backed 79 health facilities that urgently need rebuilding or renovation. These health facilities represent a strong support for women in family planning, and PONY mission is to rebuild one of them.

We firmly believe that our commitment must continue and expand even beyond corporate borders, with the awareness of the responsibility we have towards society, given by our possibilities and the participation of all our precious collaborators.