Work stations and social distancing

During Phase 2 and 3 of the sanitary emergency, laundries will need to assure the correct distance between the operators in order to guarantee their safety.

To this regard , PONY has been developing for many years now, real “work isles” where operators can work autonomously while keeping the safety distance. Work has been rationalised to assure maximum well-being of the operator , and the way machines are arranged in these working isles, translates into a significant reduction in energy waste, also  leading to a substantial savings in energy and steam costs.

In this render , you see a shirt working station with a shirt finisher and a vertical collar and cuff press, positioned in a way to reduce the operators movements at minimum; a working station for the finishing of trousers with a double legger press and a topper to finish the trousers’ waist ; a working station for outerwear with a tensioning form finisher with lateral and vertical tensioning and a finishing table with vacuum and blowing for the final touch of the outerwear.