Pony produces a range of trousers toppers, which can be rated among the best ones available on the market, suitable for jeans and classic trousers. We have versions, with special clamps and effective anti-stretching devices that allow to control the stretching of the waistband/legs, that are particularly suitable for stretch-fabrics.

Your choice may go from the simple  MP TROUSERS TOPPER that presses the waistband only, to the models of the “MPT” and “MPT-DP2 series with leg tensioning, special clamps (that avoid marks on the fabrics) and front paddles (to enhance the pressing process of darts and pockets). 

Mod. MPT-DL is equipped with special contour paddles for the waistband, that allow a perfect shaping of both waistband and legs, conforming with the cut of the trousers and, thanks to its lateral tension, giving the waistband a contoured shape.

This trousers topper is highly appreciated when used for pressing garments treated with the Wet-cleaning system. As a matter of fact, this process, besides giving the waistband a first pressing, allows to stretch the seams, setting the trousers ready for the final process on a press or on a table. Casual trousers can even be considered finished after being processed on a good trousers topper.