Pony USA just reached an important agreement for the widespread distribution of its line in the country.

PONY USA is now represented by its master distributor New York Machinery, based in Irvington , NJ. 

At the headquarters of PONY USA/NYM, in Irvington, NJ we can offer the following services:
• A wide showroom with all PONY equipment specifically engineered for the American market, where customers can assist to live demonstrations.
• Business meetings dedicated to instruct dealers about the special features of our equipment.
• Extensive technical trainings to improve the expertise of technicians for operating use, maintenance and service of our equipment.
Stock of equipment ready to be shipped to final destinations.
• Stock of parts.

The official unveiling of the new PONY USA was at the Clean show in Las Vegas  which took place in June, 2019. Here professionals and experts in the industry had the chance to attend live demonstrations by expert operators who highlighted the different features and performances of the FINISHING equipment. The American Master distributor NewYork Machinery was on the show floor together with its technical staff to supply technical and sales info to whoever was interested either in buying products or in closing sales agreements.

Our single press shirt unitANGEL 3.0 ( the evolution of the first ANGEL launched in 2010) was in function on the booth; ANGEL 3.0 allows an excellent finish of the shirt in less than 30” time thanks to the powerful hot air flow and the two steam heated Teflon finishing bucks.
This single buck shirt press is also equipped with a "touch screen" PLC, allowing a total control of the machine, in any of its operations. If connected through an Ethernet port, it is possible to control the Pony Touch Technology even from remote locations.

It is also equipped with pneumatic adjustable height sleeve tensionings completed with cuff placket presses for the perfect and incomparable finish of cuffs and the whole sleeve.

PONY introduced the second version of its blowing shirtfinisher Eagle 2.0, which draws from the past experience, combining cutting edge technology and energy saving devices. This shirt finisher in America is aimed at attracting those professionals who appreciate the blowing technique applied to shirt finishing, combining quality and high productivity.

The main message Pony wants to launch to the american public, it’s the capacity of offering a wide and complete line, able to meet the most varied expectations of the customers in the business. The PONY range goes from the simple vacuum tables to the most advanced versions of Vacuum –blowing – steaming boards, to laundry presses with hot plates and varied buck shapes, to dry cleaning presses with padded boards, to the tables and spotting cabinets, to the tensioning form finisher for the treatment of wet cleaned garments, to the simple basic former, to the range of pants topper with any kind of lateral and vertical tensioning, to the rotary cabinets able to finish simultaneously jackets and pants, to various models of flexible shirt finishers for the finish of both shirts and outerwear. PONY offers also a complete line of steam generators with different capacity and power, able to accommodate the most different customers’ demands.

The vertical production process in the Inzago factory and the use of first quality raw materials guarantee PONY equipment high quality standards, and a consistent level of flexibility allowing customization of machines according to different customers’ requests.

PONY has been manufacturing pressing and finishing systems for over 60 years; it has now reached a leader position on the italian and european market and enjoys the loyalty of worldwide business operators in the industry. PONY faces the new venture in the USA with the same spirit which has always distinguished its history , hoping to win the trust and esteem of the american public.