Pony offers a wide range of professional irons that meets every kind of iron requirement.

The electric steaming models with safety thermostat are the following:

  • F-65, new iron supplied as standard on our machines with external soft-touch microswitch. Thanks to the materials used and to its special internal plate shape, ensures consistently high steam quality, even when used at low temperatures. The tapered plate shape allows precise ironing even in the most difficult areas. Left-handed operators version available.
  • Senior TT, with patented Triple Touch System is the first electric steam iron with a universal handle, that’s perfectly ergonomic for both right and left-handed operators. The tapered shape of the sole guarantees flawless ironing even on hard-to-reach areas.
  • Senior, same features as Senior TT , but with external micro.
  • Electronic 170, with electronic control and nickel-plated sole.
  • Baby, the entry-level iron of the range, simple and solid.
  • Baby Professional, with steam control on the handle and hand protection.
  • Seam Buster, to open the seams of sleeves and trousers, with narrow base with special alloy iron sole, thermo fuse protected armored heating element.

Our model only steam:

  • All Steam, completely steam heated, with mechanical steaming valve.

Available options:

  • Hand protection (against rising steam)
  • Teflon shoe
  • Rod (hook) for iron suspension

Irons - Variants: F-65, Senior TT, Senior, Electronic 170, Baby, Baby Professional, Seam Buster, All Steam.

SKU: F-65
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