Air-operated presses with fast oil shock absorber for a fast head movement and adjustable squeezing pressure. High professional press for high productivity . The head is either padded and with live steam or polished. The lower buck is with live steam and vacuum, blowing upon request. 60° head opening. Both bucks are steam heated. Available either self contained or ready for connection to external steam, vacuum and air supplies.

The padded head version is available in the following shapes:

  • CP/U utility shape
  • CP/UP utility legger shape
  • CP/US utility cut-out shape
  • CP/P legger shape

The polished head version is available in the following shapes:

  • CP/UL utility laundry shape
  • CP/UPL utility legger laundry shape
  • CP/PL legger laundry shape
  • CP-R1L rectangular shape

Available options:

  • 9 or 20 liters boiler with or without device for automatic HEATING of the bucks.
  • Automatic finishing system of the 3 ironing phases through timers.
  • Blowing device on the lower buck by a vacuum-blowing motor
  • Inox spotting arm and steam/air gun
  • steam iron assembly with electric steam iron or ALL STEAM iron with or without safety device
  • Anti-gloss teflon-coated head
  • Anti-gloss NOMEX cover for POLISHED hot head.
SKU: P400C
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