Powerful closed-loop system for complete sanitizing and odour elimination in a natural, fast and safe way.

OZOCAB’s “clean technology” consists of generating ozone by reaching and maintaining saturation level inside the cabin during the first two phases of the operation cycle. In the remaining time, the machine destroys ozone, regenerating pure oxygen, without leaving any residue.

OZOCAB produces sanitizing ozone using a powerful Corona discharge ozone generator (10 gr/h). This type of generators represents the best technical solution in industrial ozone production because they are much more efficient than other systems (ozone concentration capacity up to 10 times that of UV lamps). Maintenance and energy consumption are minimal.

Ozone is capable to inactivate or destroy biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, mould, enzymes, etc without using any chemical products.

OZOCAB therefore permits:

- the complete and safe sanitizing of clothing, white coats, headgear, shoes, helmets, gloves, theatre costumes, wedding dresses, uniforms, rugs, cushions, duvets, leathers and furs, bags, travel suitcases, etc.

the elimination of most persistent odours, such as smoke, sweat, cooking, shoes, pet odours, etc

OZOCAB is equipped with an automatic computerized system PLC with 6 pre-set programs, each one with 3 different cycles: short-medium-long. All cycles can be extended to a maximum of 495 minutes.

It is supplied complete with coat hanger, shelf that can be positioned at different heights, and feet for height adjustment.


Available options:

  • Additional shelf
  • Safety sensor which checks ozone concentration in the surrounding area
  • Door opening to the right
SKU: H0100
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