Shirt and universal form finisher. Thanks to its functionality and upgraded technical features, excellent finishing results are obtained not only on shirts, white coats and uniforms but also on traditional garments, with a simple reset of the machine. Pneumatic front paddle closing device, with steam heated and vacuum counter-paddle. Manual collar blocking system New pneumatic trolley for fast and accurate alignment with the shirt hem, two air-operated side clamps and one air-operated rear clamp. Working cycles managed by microprocessor and chance to work with manual cycles.

Model 404 is also available in the fully electric version: 404-E New fully-electric version of model 404. It’s the ideal solution for companies with no central boiler and for those who desire a simpler installation. It has the same features as the steam version, with the exception of the heat exchanger which is electric, and the counter-paddle which is electrically heated and has vacuum. This unit has NO steam.

Available options:

  • Built-in electronic boiler.
  • Water spray gun with support.
  • Electric iron for touch-ups.
  • Water spray gun
SKU: M3220
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