The DB PREMIUM is the rotary double-buck shirt press, ideal for the ironing of men's and women's shirts, polo shirts, chef's and medical uniforms, conceived and designed to achieve maximum productivity, with incomparable finishing quality.  The two Teflon-coated pressing bucks and the innovative sleeve tensioning system "Pony Sleeve Technology", ensure a very high finishing quality even on the most difficult-to-iron shirts.

The innovative features are:

  • new dummy design combined with improved vacuum function, that allows a more precise and faster shirt placing;
  • the new contoured Teflon-coated bucks offer flawless ironing and thanks to PTFE treatment avoid shine on dark shirts;
  • powerful 3HP fan which guarantees a faster drying of the shirt;
  • The patented H.A.R.S. (Hot Air Recovery System) has been designed to recapture hot air allowing a 20% reduction in steam consumption. In addition, it reduces the blowing cycle time, improving productivity and the temperature of the working environment;
  • wide range of sizes.

Using the DB PREMIUM is easy and does not require long training periods. As a matter of fact, even a non-skilled operator can obtain impeccable results and reach a productivity of up to 120 shirts per hour, if DB PREMIUM is combined with a collar and cuff press workstation.

Just like all shirt finishers, the DB PREMIUM comes with the four PONY technologies:

  • PONY SLEEVE TECHNOLOGY: special rounded and rotary clamps with a Teflon-coated surface, assembled on the innovative “V-shaped” structure combined with a cylinder with a pneumatic stop of the sleeve-stretching arms, that guarantees stability and precision of movement. This feature results in flawless ironing that does not require touch-ups.
  • PONY HARS TECHNOLOGY: the patented PONY system for the recovery of hot air produced by the machine. It allows a significant reduction in drying time, increasing productivity while decreasing energy consumption and temperature of the working environment.
  • PONY TOUCH TECHNOLOGY: colour touch screen HMI for total machine control. Pony Touch Logic allows you to easily customise and save operational programmes, check productivity, access diagnostic features and maintenance alerts, perform auto-tests and software updates. If connected to the network via an Ethernet port, all operations can also be performed remotely.
  • PONY NO-SHINE TECHNOLOGY: all the pressing parts that directly touch the fabric are Teflon-coated to prevent shine on dark fabrics.


  • H.A.R.S. (Hot air recovery system);
  • Connectivity kit for internet connection;
  • 2 mirrors.
SKU: M3710
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