KITE is the latest evolution in shirt finishers from PONY, suitable for the finishing of shirts, polo shirts, chef’s jackets and medical uniforms.

Thanks to its solid construction and advanced design, KITE provides the user an excellent finishing quality as well as very high productivity.

The advanced design ergonomics of this machine has resulted in the introduction of the exclusive front sliding paddle which results in easy, fast dressing of the shirt without any obstacles between the operator and the shirt being processed.

With this brand new model, PONY aims to offer its customers the best quality to price ratio in its class, whilst incorporating some of the advanced features found in the more expensive models in the range.

KITE is available both in steam or electric versions.  Thanks to bespoke software and meticulous engineering, KITE in the electric version can operate with only 9.85 Kw of electric power in the ECO mode.


  • SMALL DUMMY - which allows the finishing of a wide range of sizes;
  • sliding FRONT PADDLE (to ease the dressing of the shirt) with silicon padding to avoid button marks and shining on dark fabrics;
  • manually height adjustable pneumatic SLEEVE TENSIONING CLAMPS with oval-shaped sleeve locking device, suitable for ironing short and long sleeves;
  • patented H.A.R.S. TECHNOLOGY which allows the recapture of hot air from the shoulder press, reducing the cycle time and energy consumption;
  • PLC TOUCH SCREEN providing customised management of all functions, finishing cycles, single operator’s productivity, diagnostics, software updates and auto-test. When connected to a router through an Ethernet port or via WI-FI, it allows these functions to be carried even from a remote location;
  • KITE is height adjustable and is equipped with a mirror.

The Kite shirt finisher is ideally paired with the SMART vertical collar and cuff press to create a compact and highly productive shirt finishing solution. 

Available options:

  • STANDARD dummy;
  • remote control EASY ACCESS 2.0 Ethernet or WI-FI;
  • electric iron for touch-ups.
SKU: M3800
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