GE 1-2-3-4

The GE line of PONY electronic steam boilers offers a wide range of powers to accommodate one or more irons . An electronic water level probe ensures proper water level and long life to the heating elements. The horizontal design of the boiler allows an easy and fast maintenance.

GE series is composed by 4 models:

  • GE-1 5 lt.boiler - 3,3 kW - 1 iron
  • GE-2 5 lt.boiler - 3,3 Kw - 2 irons
  • GE-3 5 lt.boiler - 6 kW - 3 irons
  • GE-4 9 lt boiler - 8 KW - 4 irons

On request we can supply models with additional iron connections – 9 lts. boiler and increased power.

Available options:

  • Motor, pump and water feeding tank
  • Steam spotting gun
  • Casters
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