Offering a wide-range overview on what is currently available on the market of finishing equipmentreally is a tough job. But this can help people making a conscious, rational choice to enhance their own business. In order to make this clearer we can arrange our “talk” according to the kind of garments.


There’s plenty of versions of form finishers for finishing traditional coats on the market. The simple ones process the garments giving them a first quick ironing, preparing them for a finishing with the iron. A higher finishing quality is given using a dummy with no bag. Steam and air flow directly through the lining, preventing creases (caused by the pressure of the bag on the lining) from appearing. Moving on through this range we find form finishersthat allow sleeve stretching and can be also used as standard form finishers by excluding the pneumatic clamps. There are also special versions of dummies, often interchangeable, for MAXI garments for instance, for kids garments, etc. Computer control of cycles, widely spread now, allows work automation by saving standard processes according to fabrics or to a specific database of regular clients. When we are talking about wet-cleaning processed garments, then it is different, since they need to be “revitalized”. Hence the need to use a form finisher with vertical and horizontal stretching of the garments (in order to stretch the seams that would otherwise stay “wrinkled”), with abundant steam and a powerful injection of overheated air, to quicken the drying phase. An evident advantage of finishing with a form finisher is that you can do without skilled personnel.
The finishing of coats on a press requires skilled personnel and higher starting investments instead, but may allow a 40/50% higher production compared to the finishing on an ironing table. Better equipped laundries may have presses with specific buck/head shapes, with padded or polished head for finishing traditional coats or “whites”.


During the starting phase of a business or if you want to complement your business with the shirt service, you can choose to take a “hybrid” finisher, for finishing shirts, lab-coats and coats. When the numbers grow the time will come to equip your business with a system that combines shirt finisher and a collar and cuff press The shirt finisher, specifically designed for finishing shirts, has been brought to highly technological levels and grants outstanding results both in terms of quality and of number of processed shirts. The investment on this kind of finishing system is usually considerable, but the enlargement potential that it offers stirs the attention of many professionals of this market.


Trousers still represent the most part of the job for dry-cleaners and laundries. Even in this case there are mainly two schools of thought, one heading towards finishing on a press, and the other using a trousers topper and finishing the trousers on a table.
About trousers toppers, those with pneumatic stretching of both the waistband and the legs are the most effective. We have versions with photocell, that allow a controlled stretching of the legs, with special clamps for fixing the legs by pressing them from the outside and/or by hooking them from the inside (for fine fabrics). Some of them can be equipped with heated paddles for fixing and pressing darts and pockets. On casual garments the final result is excellent and there’s no need for touch-ups. On classic pants you will reach a good quality on the waist, but the pleats will necessarily need to be fixed with the iron on a vacuum board.
Our range of presses allows you to choose a hybrid solution, that’s to say ironing the waist with an iron and fixing the pleats with the finishing press. In order to optimize the performance of a finishing press we can add an iron to it. This way you can use the buck as if it were a normal ironing table. Technologically advanced presses offer the chance to have a blowing device that blows air from the buck, as well as devices that automate the finishing cycles. A specific and complete range of presses may include a topper-shaped press and a legger press, to reach very high processing volumes. The real new thing in the press range for trousers is a special press that allows you to press both legs of the trousers in one shot.
We also produce specific presses for “laundry” garments, with stainless steel head, in various shapes suitable for pressing the waistband, the legs, and for other usage. Perfect for pressing both pants and other kinds of garments.

Miscellaneous (home textiles, curtains, duvet/comforter, knitwear, etc.)

A rectangular ironing board that allows the quick processing of wide surfaces, is the ideal choice for this kind of items. Large tables, in their only-vacuum version or with up-steam and air-blowing one, are available on the market. Some have been designed with inclined board, in order to make the job easier for the operator, and equipped with gathering bags for curtains, sheets, etc.
On top of that, there are also presses with rectangular-shaped bucks, particularly suitable for knitwear.

You can’t act like a professional, you become one at the “school of daily work” so, each operator will be able to make the right choices, with his/her experience under his/her own belt and engaging reliable experts.