Presses are the most versatile machines, allowing the processing of most of the garments in one hour, granting a high and consistent finishing quality with the least operator efforts.

The use of a finishing press may increase production by 40%, especially according to the percentage of the various kinds of garments (for instance the number of pants, which are finished quickly and with excellent quality on a press).

PONY’s presses can be equipped with steam iron assembly, for touch-ups and, on the Colox Press series, thanks to the enhanced head opening (60°), you can iron as if you were on an ordinary ironing table. The vacuum/blow device allows to achieve better results even on pants waistbands, therefore sparing you from having to process pants on a topper before.

PONYproduce 5 ranges of finishing presses, suitable for all kinds of needs:
Colox Press Special serie highly professional presses, with enhanced squeezing pressure.

Colox Press professional presses with excellent performance.

Brava Press cheaper professional presses, with good performance, adjustable squeezing pressure. Excellent price/quality/performance rate.

Standard Press - 
manually-operated presses.

Serie LAV Specific for laundries; in addition to the traditional buck shapes we also have: rectangular press, mushroom press, collar&cuffs press, body-bosom press shapes.

Lately we also introduced our special PANTAMASTER press, which allows the finish of both legs of trousers on a double horizontal buck, fixing the pleats down their whole length, up to the waistband.