The iron is the quintessential trade tool for the cleaner; the skill and technique refined by experience are certainly the "added value" of the professional, but it is true that a good finishing board  represents the indispensable complement to the operator's experience and it is increasingly becoming a strategic choice.

To meet these premises, Pony has committed its resources since the 1950's and it is currently able to offer a very wide range of models, for every need.

The choice goes from the simple vacuum tables to models with vacuum-up steaming and blowing functions, with the chance of incorporating a built-in boiler or for connection to an external steam supply.

All PONY finishing tables are designed for the application of accessories ( such as : guns, arms, iron rests, iron support groups, possibility of ironing point to to right. etc.) allowing customization of the work place and last, but not the least, make the work place as much functional as possible, lowering operator's fatigue and improving productivity.

Models of the SILVER series are the most popular, with the chance of having vacuum only-vacuum and blowing- vacuum blowing and up steaming.These tables, designed with particular focus to the ergonomic and energy saving features, are really versatile and offer highly professional performances at a very interesting cost.

Tavolo aspirante e soffiante con camino - con o senza caldaia - altezza fissa oppure regolabile - Mod. GENUS-S-PLUS

Let's now turn the spotlight to the latest born in the PONY range. It is called GENUS and it is produced in the vacuum-blowing version and also with up- steam from the board. A peculiar feature of this line is that it is possible to choose between fixed or height adjustable bodywork.Thanks to the excellent performances, these machines allow you to to create modern and functional workstations with limited investments. The built-in steam generator, manufactured according to innovative criteria, produces enough steam for an iron with only 3,3 KW

To the advocates of the so-called "cold ironing", PONY offers the TAS-F table with a modern and technologically progressive design. Thanks to the fiberglass coating of the buck and the silicon padding, this table allows cold ironing, also with the electric heating of the ironing board. Vacuum is activated by photocell, while blowing is activated by slightly pushing a bar with the tip of the foot.

Height adjustable from 850 to 930 mm, it is equipped with wheels to ease the movements. It is equipped, as standard, with an air chimney and a lighting unit and the table is available in the Maxi or Bottleneck version.

In the range , you can find the classic ironing tables, either vacuum or vacuum and up-steaming, as the "Vaporetta" , an historical product by PONY which have recently undergone a clear restyling as well as an expansion of the line with Standard or Maxi ironing board and three volumes of boilers available ( 5 lt, 9 lt or 20 lt) to be able to feed a second table or a former to finish a coat.

If the preference is for an external generator to the ironing board, different solutions can be found in the PONY range to feed from one to five irons. Electronically controlled irons or "all steam" irons can be applied on steam generators, as well as on ironing tables.

The GOLIATH series is instead suitable for centralized installations, with capacities from 13 Kg/hr up to 180 Kg of steam per hour.

The whole PONY range is available at the Inzago showroom , also for practical ironing tests.