The operator’s expertise in a laundry is without a doubt in close connection with his/her capability in recognizing and treating the various kinds of stains or dirt on the garments that enter the laundry.
The fast process of revolution of the new technologies brought to the market new fabrics that are now used on a worldwide scale in the fashion industry and that for all operators in our field represent just another issue.
In addition to direct experience, there’s plenty of opportunities offered from the industries, such as classes and seminars organized by the producers of chemical spotting agents in order to develop and enhance the various spotting techniques.
All these efforts may be wasted if the equipment used are not so much professional or appropriate to obtaining better results.

Even for the spotting process PONY offers a range of machines which can meet all kinds of requirements:

Portable, mini spotting table allows the spotting process even in small rooms. Suitable also for occasional use

PROFESSIONAL spotting table for COLD spotting treatment of any kind of stains, with large board and stainless steel sleeve spotting arm. In addition to the standard equipment, mod. JOLLYcan be equipped with an active-carbon filtering cap or ready for external channelling.

Professional STEAM spotting table, suitable for both dry-cleaners and textile industry, for spotting stains deriving from the manufacturing process.
Available extra equipment: cold spotting equipment.

This is the ideal solution to enhance the dry-cleaning quality. Compact and functional. Within its little encumbrance it holds the pre-spotting cabinet and the arms and shapes for the final spotting phase. It’s built with high-grade stainless steel in compliance with all standards on safety and protection of the environment, thanks to its powerful vacuum unit and active-carbon filters. It also features a lighting group to light the whole workstation, and it’s available in the following versions:
KAPPA 1 for PRE and POST spotting.
KAPPA 2 for PRE spotting.
KAPPA 3 equipped according to the customer’s needs. All operations are performed inside the cabin.

Just like every PONY’s product, our spotting tables and SPOTTING cabinets are built with high-grade materials and components in order to grant the best results and a healthier workstation.