When we uncork a good bottle of wine , we linger over the distinctive features of the product : bouquet , taste and color. We hardly think about how much work lies behind the excellent result we are enjoying.

Mostly goes to the wine cellars ’credit , where the wine is produced, bottled , decanted ….pampered with great care but also complying with the most severe sanitary regulations . And what is better than steam to guarantee the maximum hygiene ?

With PONY steam generators , steam gets everywhere . In the cellars and in the farms ,generators can be used in the cleaning and sanitation processes of barrels , tanks and other general surfaces .

Pony steam generators GE 8-16 are engineered for a simple and quick installation with connection to water and electricity , or they can be provided with a tank and pump to be placed everywhere , released from water connection . Four pivoting wheels ease their movements.

Two different types of steam generators have been engineered to satisfy the most various requests :

5 or 9 lts. boilers are available . KW installed in the boilers go from 6 to 12 and they determine the quantity of steam produced , 9 to 16 Kg/hour .

The basic model is supplied with one steam outlet to which it is possible to connect all those instruments usually used . Upon request, it is possible to assemble a kit for multiple steam outlet and special steam pipes for high temperature , even safer and more durable.

In the range you can also find more powerful steam generators with different capacities and hour production.

Stainless steel boilers produce sterilized steam and comply with all hygiene regulations , and are assembled with all steel components.

PONY steam generators are safe and reliable and have been chosen by the best Piedmont ( Gattinara – La Morra – Alba ) and Veneto cellars with a word-of-mouth advertising which confirms the appraisal of a quality product.